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  1. Amar khub kosto. Amake amar boy friend chere chole geche. Dipu. Tar nam. Ekhn ami khub eka. Pls amar eka kitto katanor sathi chai.call me +917585083135

    1. Ami to may xhudbo sona, amar number 9378165613,contact me for getting chodon.

    2. hi, taniya…amr obsthao 2mr e moto …2mr sate kotha blte chai. ..

    3. Hi Taniya . Amar obosta o tomar mato. Amaka o amar gf chere chole geche. Plzz contact me.. 9804393873.

    4. Ami asi eka chaile tumi am gf hote paro

    5. now i am alone.i can give company.you may mail to [email protected]

  2. 9679356467….. for the one with whom I can spend my life happily… studying now.. 2nd year engineering student.

  3. 8100343892 Tania amar mal amak chere chole geche

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